• Relieves itching and irritation within 2 minutes
  • Can be worn by children from 0+ years.
  • Accelerated the recovery of the skin
  • Natural active ingredient (no essential oils) without anti-histamine, hormones or ammonia.
  • Easy to carry and convenient for travelling
  • Also effective against bed bugs, biting flies, midges, stinging nettles, flea bites and chickenpox

Recommended Retail Price 89,- DKK

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Elli’s AFTER BITE Gel contains a natural plant extract with itch relief properties. Your child will immediately experience relief from the itching arising from mosquito bites as well as from bites from other insects. The plant also has healing effects and will hence accelerate the recovery from the mosquito bite. The Gel can be applied as often as needed and can be used by children of 0+ years.


The gel tube contains 15 ml. Simply apply the gel onto the irritated or itching skin and let it sit. The tube is easy to carry when travelling or during outdoor activities.


Elli’s AFTER BITE Gel is particularly good for calming and relieved itching from many bites all over the body or in the face. It is also rather effective for treating irritation from nettles in which case the child will experience a cooling effect as well as immediate itch relief.