Elli's AFTER BITE Mosquito Patch for children

  • Itch and irritation relief for up to 10 hrs.
  • Can be worn by children from 0+ years.
  • Works within 2 minutes
  • Natural active ingredient (no essential oils) without anti-histamine, hormones or ammonia.
  • Water proof and breathable material without latex.
  • Easy to carry and convenient for travelling
  • Also effective against bed bugs, biting flies, midges, stinging nettles, flea bites and chickenpox

Recommended Retail Price 89,- DKK

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Mosquito Patch for children

The Elli’s AFTER BITE mosquito patch consists of a hydrogel pad containing the plant extract. Your child will likely experience relief of the itching relatively fast. Elli’s AFTER BITE mosquito patch is effective for 10 hrs which means that no other remedy needs to be used during that period to relieve the itching. The mosquito patch will at the same time protect the bite from external bacteria as well as prevent small fingers from scratching.


The mosquito patch is packed in a convenient re-sealable bag with 12 patches. The patches have different icons and colors. The bag is waterproof and easy to carry on the go, when travelling or generally in the outdoor.


Attention! Caution! Redness or skin irritation when the patch is removed can occur. This can be caused by removal of small hairs or even removal of the top skin layer. In case of continued irritation or redness, another mosquito patch should not be reapplied. Make sure that the skin can “breathe”. In case of continued itching, the gel or spray can instead be used.