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We have tried to answer as many questions as possible in our Q&A section.

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How many doses are there per product?

GEL (15mL) gives about 100 doses

Spray (20 mL) gives about 100 doses.
The mosquito patch is single-use and lasts up to 10 hours, after which it should be removed.

How low does effect of the gel or spray last?

When using the gel or spray itching will be relieved for up to 60 minutes or longer.
A mosquito patch seldom itches without stop and the products and the products can be applied as needed.

Can children use the products?

Yes! Children down to age of 0 may use the products.

However, we do recommend limiting the use of the products for kids younger than 6 months. Meaning that you only apply the products in cases where your baby is very agitated by insect bites or similar.

Can pregnant women use the products?

Yes, the products are perfectly safe while you are pregnant

How often can you use the products?

Elli's AFTER BITE has undergone a safety assessment which means that the products can be used as needed, ie. as often as required.

However, we recommend that you do not use the patch for more than 10 hours and give the skin air in time after using the patch. In addition, it is recommended to limit the use of the products for the first 6 months of life. Ie that you only use them if baby is very bothered by insect bites.


NOTE! If irritation or some kind of skin reaction occurs when the patch is removed, it may be due to small hairs or upper layers of skin coming along. That's perfectly normal.
If irritation persists after a few hours, the patch should not be reused. Give the skin air and use Gel or Spray instead.

How do I apply Elli's AFTER BITE mosquito patch?

Before applying the patch, clean your skin and make sure it is dry.

Next, remove the white paper packaging of the patch and the small thin transparent foil, which

sits on the gel pad itself before applying the patch.

Put the patch gel pad on the plug so that the pad covers, for example, the mosquito plug and press down around the edge.

Do your products itch?

Elli's After Bite Gel and Spray can burn slightly in open wounds.

Do the products have any markings?

No, our products have undergone a safety assessment (like all other cosmetic products in Denmark and the EU) that form the basis of the safety report made on each product. Furthermore, we have chosen not to use certificates for a start, but we are constantly reviewing the statuses and considering which labels may benefit the consumer's understanding of the product. For example, in relation to the product's production and documentation of ingredients that are not known to cause allergy or other diseases.

How do I store my products?

It is easy to keep track of the patches in the purple-like packaging bag as it is both waterproof and can be opened and closed completely again. It is important that the bag with the patches is completely closed for optimal functioning of the patches. The patch bag is made so that your Gel or Spray can be in the bag along with the patches, so the products are stored together on the trip or day trip. With the re-close function in the bag, you do not risk the patches falling into the bag or drawer.

Why is the product not organic?

The plant extract of Plantain (lat. Plantago major) is not organic, since it has not been possible to obtain the first production order. However, we are working on making the extract organic in collaboration with our supplier. When the product is available in an organic version, it will appear on our website as well as at our retailers.

Is there ammonia in the products?

No, the only active substance in the products is plant-based and consists of Plantain (Lat. Plantago Major).

Are there antihistamine in the products?

No, the only active substance in the products is plant-based and consists of Plantain (Lat. Plantago Major).

Is the plant extract in the products an essential oil?

No, the active ingredient of Plantain (Lat. Plantago Major) is not an essential oil.

Do the products work as itch relief?

Yes, they relieve itching within 2 min. and can be applied as needed when itching occurs in the days following mosquito bites or other insect bites, or when you have been hit by nettles. 

Does the patch contain organic solvents and / or latex?

No, the patch contains no organic solvents and no latex.

Why does a mosquito bite itch?

A mosquito (female mosquito) is attracted by the scents and heat of the body and sticks to suck blood. When the female mosquito stings, she sends some saliva (enzyme) into the skin. This causes the skin to become locally irritated and the body's immune system reacts by swelling and itching (a kind of allergic reaction). After a few days, the enzyme breaks down and the mosquito bite disappears, stopping the itching.

Why do some people get bigger reactions in the form of redness and swelling?

Humans respond differently to mosquito bites and other insect bites. Some get pronounced reactions (eg swelling and blistering) while others that sting the same type of insect get a minor or no reaction. It is believed that once the body has been exposed to many mosquito bites, antibodies are formed. When antibodies are formed, the body does not react allergically (by releasing histamine) in the same way. That probably explains why so many children react to mosquito bites allergic to adults.

How do I read the ingredient list on Elli's AFTER BITE products?

The declaration with all the ingredients is on the back of the product and is listed from a fixed system. The ingredient that fills the percentage in the product is mentioned first. The next ingredient on the list is the one that is second most and so on.

Are preservatives used in Elli's AFTER BITE?

Yes. Preservatives in personal care products that include water are necessary to ensure that bacteria and fungi do not grow, which can destroy the product and at worst infect the skin. We try to use the fewest possible preservatives with the least possible harmful effects. In addition to complying with current laws in the field, we keep an eye on news in scientific research and the ongoing assessments made by the preservatives.

What are bedbugs?

Bedbugs (Cimex Lectularius) are small parasites that feed on blood from humans and animals. Their bite creates irritation and risk of other infections through the constant itching they cause. Bedbugs are known to travel in luggage or clothing and stay inside the bedroom or hotel room. If you have bedbugs, you should boil all clothes and seek professional help to have them removed. Elli's After Bite products minimize itching, burning and skin irritation after bites from bedbugs. However, pay special attention to a doctor if you get red lines in the skin around the bidet or inflammation in the middle of the bidet.

What is mites / knott?

Mites are very small mosquitoes, which in Sweden are known as 'knots'. The mites are a local problem close to marshes, streams or beach meadows.
Elli's After Bite products minimize itching, burning and skin irritation after mite / knot bites.
However, pay special attention to a doctor if you get red lines in the skin around the bite or inflammation in the middle of the bite.

What are gadflies?

Horse fly is a fly and is similar to gadflies or bees. Gadfly does not bite and bite humans, but horses. Hence the name horse fly.

What is a clogger?

The claws / claws are large flies that bite (female only) and suck blood. Hoover / clover is annoying to both humans and animals During the summer months especially on days with high humidity and sun or after rainy weather.
Elli's After Bite products minimize itching, burning and skin irritation following insect bites
However, pay special attention to a doctor if you get red lines in the skin around the bite or inflammation in the middle of the bite.


Yes, adults can benefit as much from the products as children. 


The dose is applied as needed. The products contain no anti-histamine, ammonia or other medicines.


Our Gel and Spray can therefore be used several times within a short time if you are very bothered by insect bites

Product questions and complaints

Elli's After Bite wants to live up to the expectation that our products are efficient and easy to use. 


Therefore, we would love to hear from you if you find any defects in one of our products or have ideas that can make our products even better.


You can contact Elli's After Bite at or +45 2671 7140.


Please beware that in May 2020 we have found that there in some cases may be an error in the packaging of our mosquito patches. The error shows as a white crystalline powder on the outer foil that you remove when using the patch. 


It is important to emphasize that the crystallization does NOT have any damaging effect on the skin, and that is not mold or similar. However, the effectiveness of the patches can be lessened due to drying out. 


If you experience crystallization in when you use your patches we encourage you to contact Elli's EFTER BITE via the contact information on this page, or the retailer you bought our patches.


We apologize for the inconvenience, and look forward to shipping you new patches.


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